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Monday – Friday, 8am-8pm
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Monday – Friday, 8am-8pm
Saturday – Sunday, 8am-5pm

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Monday – Friday, 8am-8pm
Saturday – Sunday, 8am-5pm

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Does Sinusitis Always Cause a Headache?

When many of us think of sinusitis (more commonly known as a sinus infection), we think of lots of congestion and lots of mucus. While both of these symptoms are equally common and icky, they aren’t the only signs of sinusitis to watch out for. Our AFC Urgent Care...

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What Happens If I Get COVID-19 and the Flu at the Same Time?

We certainly hope this doesn’t happen to you, but it’s possible, unfortunately. Due to required social distancing last year, the threat of getting the flu and COVID-19 at the same time was much less than it is this year. Getting both illnesses is entirely possible,...

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Can I Get Shingles If I Haven’t Had Chickenpox Before?

Shingles and chickenpox are caused by the same virus—the varicella-zoster virus. Because they’re caused by the same virus, someone who has never had chickenpox can’t get shingles if he or she were to come in contact with someone else that is infected with shingles. To...

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