The pandemic certainly upended many regular every day tasks, like going to a doctor’s appointment or even heading to the grocery store! Our community persevered, though, rolled with the changes and embraced the new processes in order to help keep people safe, and we are grateful for that every day.

The pandemic’s emergency status is set to expire in May. While this may be a welcome change for many, it will also change certain conveniences, including aspects of virtual visits and telemedicine.

But don’t worry! An in-person visit to AFC Urgent Care Indian Trail will not be changing and will still provide you with the benefits of personalized care, right in our community.

What Are the Pros of an In-Person Visit at AFC?

When you come to AFC, you are family. We care for all patients with the compassion and dedication they deserve, and your family is no different! Our team is comprised of highly knowledgeable medical providers, friendly front desk staff and dedicated technicians who all work together to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

In addition, many of us also call the Indian Trail area home! We know what makes this community unique and we are proud to serve the city that we live in as well. Stopping by for an in-person visit also allows our medical providers the chance to listen to your concerns and examine you up close. This can help us get a better understanding of what is causing you pain or discomfort.

The Benefits of a Drop-In Visit

  • Access to testing like bloodwork or an X-ray
  • Quality patient/provider relationships
  • Accurate and comprehensive diagnosis
  • Personal touch and genuine compassion

Will an In-Person Visit Be Able to Diagnose Me Faster?

We highly suggest in-person medical visits because of all of the services that we provide in our center. You can not only be seen by a medical professional, but you also have access to an X-ray, blood work or a rapid test. Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive diagnosis possible, so having all of these resources at our fingertips helps us, and in turn, it helps you!

The more resources we have, the faster we can provide you with a diagnosis. From there, a treatment plan is not far away! Our team is ready to help you feel better. We are open seven days a week, and you never need to make an appointment in advance in order to be seen.

In-Person Benefits

  • Thorough, patient-centered visits
  • Lab services
  • X-rays
  • Rapid testing for flu, COVID-19, strep throat and some STDs

We are always here for you. Come see us at AFC Urgent Care Indian Trail today.